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If you’re suffering from pain in the ball of your foot, or the wider forefoot area, it might be worth visiting a podiatrist for an assessment.

At Kelso Foot Clinic, we see lots of this type of pain in patients. An examination and assessment of the problem leads to a variety of treatment options. Left untreated, the forefoot pain is likely to cause issues elsewhere in the body – interconnected body parts may start to compensate for the pain and, in doing so, store up further problems.


Forefoot pain (often referred to as metatarsalgia) has lots of causes, mostly relating to too much force going through specific areas of the foot. A full assessment enables an accurate diagnosis and, as critically, a cause for the condition. The following problems result in forefoot pain:

• Nerves which have become thickened and impinged. This is Morton’s neuroma.
• The bones in the foot have been put under too much pressure / overloaded. This may be due to a decrease in the adipose (fat) pad.
• Sometimes the toe-end of the metatarsal bone (the metatarsal head) can start to break down due to compromised circulation. This could be the result of a stubbed toe.


Our treatment focuses on getting a “normal loading” through the foot – i.e. to remove the pressure on the forefoot. We do this by changing footwear, orthotics (e.g. prescription insoles) and rehabilitation. The specifics of the treatment all come down to the precise diagnosis and analysis of the patient’s foot. In rare cases, we may refer you for surgery.


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