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Izaak Cumberbirch runs the Kelso Hearing Centre and looks after his patients’ hearing health. He is a hearing aid audiologist specialising in hearing tests and assessments, ear protection, ear wax removal and hearing aids. Izaak also offers hearing aid trials, a repair service as well as reprogramming.


Izaak Cumberbirch has established the Kelso Hearing Centre to bring trustworthy audiology services to the Kelso community. That means you won’t need to travel long distances to access basic hearing care. Izaak looks after his patients’ health by providing hearing tests and assessments, ear wax removal and hearing aid services. Izaak is an independent Hearing Aid Audiologist and is registered with the HCPC. He offers a person-centred approach to audiological care. That means taking the time to understand your unique challenges and health concerns. It also means Izaak will carefully tailor his service to your specific needs.

We believe every member of the community should have easy access to the highest standards of audiological care. This is exactly what you’ll get during every visit to Izaak Cumberbirch.

Hearing tests and assessments

Izaak Cumberbirch aims to help people to hear better, for longer. Hearing impairment is really common, with 1 in 6 UK adults living with it to some degree. Many people only become aware of problems when the symptoms become severe. That’s why it’s a good idea to regularly get your ears tested.

A hearing test with Izaak will involve understanding your unique audiological challenges. He will take account of wider medical history and any difficulties you are experiencing, for example not being able to hear as well as before. Izaak then conducts some simple tests to determine your current hearing level. Finally, he will talk you through the results and whether some treatment options might suit your needs and lifestyle.

Ear wax removal

Izaak also provides wax removal via microsuction technology, a safer and gentler method than syringing. Ear wax removal can help to address situations where you can’t hear well or where the sound is muffled. It can also help persistent earache, tinnitus, vertigo, itching or discomfort in the ear, and a feeling of the ear being “full”. Izaak can quickly assess whether you have a build-up of ear wax, and treat the problem easily.

Hearing aids trials, reprogramming and repairs

Izaak Cumberbirch provides personal, independent advice on the latest hearing aid technology here at Kelso Health & Wellness. Modern hearing aids come in styles to suit every level of hearing loss, and with features to accommodate your lifestyle. They are discreet, highly customisable and effective. Despite this, surveys indicate that around 65% of people who would benefit don’t use them!

As an independent hearing aid dispenser, Izaak has access to all brands of hearing aids. As such, he works with his patients to find the most suitable device and he can arrange for trials. Izaak is also able to help you with any reprogramming or repair needs.

Treatment & services list

  • Tests & assessments
  • Ear wax removal and microsuction
  • Hearing protection
  • Hearing aid trials
  • Repairs & reprogramme of hearing aids
hearing tests and assessments

Appointments & how to book

Izaak offers appointments at Kelso Health & Wellness on Tuesdays, from 10am to 6pm. Later appointments may be available by request.

To Book Call 01573 247 133 (booking line open 8.30 to 5.30 Monday to Friday) or get in touch via email on

Izaak Cumberbirch holds his audiology clinics on the groud floor of Kelso Health & Wellness. If you have any mobility issues or specific access requirement, please discuss this when you call.

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